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Rennergy LLC is a full-service Renewable Energy and Electrical Contracting Company that delivers end to end energy solutions. Our renewable energy solutions include Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Wind Energy. Rennergy is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, and has operations in the Caribbean via an affiliate, Rennergy Caribbean Limited. Rennergy Caribbean Limited is headquartered in Barbados.

Staten Island Install
Staten Island, NY
Solar Installations

Rennergy's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions offers businesses a sustainable means to reliably lowering operating costs and adding control to their energy expenses. Rapidly changing technologies combined with tax and utility incentives offer businesses far more efficient and cost-saving operations. Rennergy and its affiliates guide their clients through the critical area of facility energy management, which is the major contributor to a business's successful sustainability campaign as well as increasing the positive impact of their operations on our environment.

Stabilizing Costs

As increasing number of homeowners move towards insulating themselves from volatile energy costs, Rennergy’s turnkey Solar PV solutions and FREE Home Energy Audit* provides homeowners with a sustainable means of dramatically lowering or even eliminating your electricity bills for the foreseeable future.

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