Wind Energy

Electricity from Wind

Electricity generated by wind turbines has become the second part of the one-two renewable energy punch with solar energy. Wind Energy has been used for large scale electricity generation for the past 30 years and is rapidly growing in use for commercial and residential sites. Here is how it works with Rennergy for Wind Energy:

1 Call or email Rennergy for a FREE consultation. We will use our software tools to perform an initial assessment of your site to see if it’s viable for Wind Turbine installation.

2If your site is viable for Wind Energy, Rennergy will send one of our technicians to your Green-Electricitysite to confirm our initial measurements and perform a FREE on-site survey and collect past electricity bills from you to perform our FREE Cost Benefit Analysis for you.

3If there is appropriate wind data available for your area, we will email you an indicative quotation with results of our cost benefit analysis for your proposed Wind Energy system within 3 to 5 business days of our site visit. If there is no wind data available for your area, we will contact you to discuss going about collecting the necessary data and explain the process and timing.

4If the quotation is accepted by the customer, Rennergy will take care of everything – final design, permits, procurement, installation, any state incentive program paperwork that exists, and system commissioning.

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